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Make your profile 🌎 !

Hi! to be part of the database of challengers you have to fill out this form for your profile to be created.
Only rule: You must have participated at Monday's Challenge!

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You can chose your first + last name, artist name or company name. As you want !

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Set your current location.

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I you are a participant of the monday's challenge you must have an instagram account ;-)

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Show us a participation at Monday's Challenge to validate your entry in the database.
Mention also the number of participation.

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Check your skills.

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Check the software you use.

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It is optional, but highly recommended! You can show your world and stand out from the others, it's a real plus. If you don't put your custom thumbnail or if you do not respect the rules below, we'll put a standard image.​

Select File

This is a image standard if you don't upload yours.

File : .gif
Aspect : 300*200px

Max File Size : < 1,5 MB
Color palette :

#000000      #FFFFFF      #AE9A64


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You can make a donation of your choice to enter this database, it will help us a lot!

Thanks again for participating in Monday's Challenge, without you the challenge would not exist! 

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Welcome to the "Monday's" community! See you soon on Instagram for the next theme 🖖.

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